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Monday, August 11, 2014

An Announcement, An Invitation...

Formally making the announcement that, once again, my blogging is evolving into a new phase.  About a year ago, I stepped down from the hustle and bustle of craft blogging -  you can read about that here.  After three intense years of putting my all into the Craft, Interrupted blog,  I wanted to get away from the stress of keeping to a chock full blog schedule, the pressure of keeping up with other craft blogs...and just focus more casually on things that I enjoyed.

but then...
Our lives changed in a significant way when we decided to go for a trial run of homeschooling.  I suddenly found myself in a very different realm, which left little time for blogging as much as I wanted to.  I also came face to face with a difficult decision regarding the dream I had been focused on - I found it necessary to close my newly rebranded, redesigned, remarketed, re-everything'd etsy shop, very soon after I had totally relaunched it with a grand re-opening.  Um...oh sorrrrry, but yeah, party's over.  Champagne is gone (literally), and now I'm closing shop.  Can't do those custom orders you wanted afterall.  Fake out!  *awkward* *face palm* *hiding in the closet*

onward ho
In the past year, we've gone through an intense evolution as a family.  Many times I've thought of blogging more about our journey, but then stopped because it wasn't a good fit for this space.  I envisioned readers thinking the following - Wasn't this a CRAFT blog??  Where are the kids' parties?  Where are the teacher gift printables?  Why is she writing about this??  So I mostly posted things on instagram instead, but blogging has been such a part of me, that it felt disconnected.

that nagging feeling...
has been tickling my being.  It's time to move forward.  It's time to embrace this new chapter.  I get more and more questions about homeschooling and organization on my instagram feed.  So I'm diving in - to a new blog, where homeschool posts can sit down and put their feet up.  A new blog, where I can answer special needs questions, and rant about our recent switch to a gluten-free diet, and share links to all the curriculum resources that I'm loving.  
I feel it's where I need to be now.

closing a door, opening a window
an official fond and tearful farewell to
This domain will remain live till the .com comes up for renewal.  Posts will be active as archive status, but I will no longer be posting new material here.  All social media accounts that were previously linked to Craft, Interrupted have already been switched to the new blog.  Except facebook, because I wasn't able to change the name on that one.  The Craft, Interrupted fb page is still up, but I won't be adding new content to that either. 

Hi, I'm Havenwood, nice to meetcha!
I'm in the process of constructing the new blog, but I'd love it if you stopped by!
and will be adding posts on curriculum, school room space, schedule organization, special classes, etc.,
as well as page tabs as info hubs on special needs and gluten free eating.

Here are links for the new digs..

Hugs and kisses, and hope to catch you on the flipside,

Friday, August 1, 2014

InstaFriday {v.29}

My Week in Instagram...

Cardboard swords and shields to reenact Lord of the Rings battles,
#posseunplugged catching bugs, making habitats and playing hopscotch with neighbors,
and walking Hazel to lower her trouble meter...

#posseunplugged continued - outdoor adventuring and boardgames...

last pool days before the school year begins,
and morning chalk sessions in the driveway...

new curriculum arrives!!!  And our version of the workbox system with cardboard Classroom Keepers,
also Clean the Schoolroom Day...

Special Needs:
amping it up with a sensory battle plan over here after a lonnnng meeting with OT

In the Kitchen:
smoothie prep, gross gluten-free recipes (you win some, you lose some),
homemade granola, and a yummy honey mustard bean dip with sweet potatoes...

...learning about gluten-free flours and attempting homemade bread.

From the Garden:
the beans that saved dinner,
and baaaaaby carrots growing slightly bigger!

celebrating the purchase of my Wild and Free Conference ticket!!
and Thoughts from the Screen Porch (truncated by IG)

#followfriday love to @winkasheart (for the rad wtf stamp), 
@thenectarcollective (for all around greatness),
@artfeeds (for promoting creative development),
and @thelibbystory (for that awesome sisterhood high five)...
and more #notestomyself to face an overwhelming day.

Thanks for stopping by to get a glimpse of our life!
I'm always, always instagramming.
maybe over-gramming, but #sorrynotsorry 'cause it's my jam.

Happy to join in the link-up over at Life Rearranged.
Hop over and browse some more insta-goodness!

As always,

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Currently {v.98}

This week's Currently Journal Card...
Edited with A Beautiful Mess & Rhonna Designs apps

- watching - one episode of The Leftovers is all I've watched this week.  It was the stoning one, which was highly disturbing...but it still had Justin Theroux ; )

- reading - All the Light We Cannot See, and also How to Be a Woman for book group.  

- listening - Vampire Weekend.  Necessary to usher me through some highly stressful days.

- making - gluten-free everything.  I tried a pinterest recipe for apple cinnamon quinoa bites?  Gaggy gag gag, they were gross.  I'm hoping the pepperoni cheese version dipped in pizza sauce is more doable.

- feeling - exasperated.  Truly.  We are one week into our gluten-free venture, and it's a constant bombardment with what to feed my very-anti-new-things and extremely-picky-about-food posse.  I get through one meal of encouraging "Just try one taste?" with empathetic-cheerer-on mode in high gear, and then sag with relief when it's over...till a few hours later they are hungry for snacks, and the next meal, and the next, and it just keeps coming and I don't freaking know what to feed them!?!!  It's gotten to that point where Momma is beyond frazzled - the mere physical proximity of their bodies to the kitchen sets me on edge.  If they ask for food I'm huffing and slamming through the fridge looking for anything they will deem acceptable.  ALSO - hubs is still healing and in considerable pain from his bike wreck - so my duties are on overtime, Junior Man is suddenly having new anxieties (among other high-maintenance things) that are making daily life difficult, and none of us will have socks left at the rate the puppy is chewing.  I'm on the edge of a big ol' hide-in-the-closet Mommy Tantrum.  Followed by wine. </ rant>

- planning - the next meal or snack.  See above - it's all about the food here.

- loving - pureed white bean dips (I told you it was all about the food) are my friend this week as a protein source.  Flashback to the days of Sneaky Chef cooking...this week I blended white bean puree with guacamole - delish - and also made a honey mustard bean dip that I paired with cinnamon-honey roasted sweet potato chunks and that was - heaven.  Tasted like fancy seasoned sweet potato fries (but not crispy obviously).

Sharing @

p.s. Last week I was scheduled to guest post Currently Journal at rukristin,
but Kristin is in the process of moving cross country, so it will be along soon!

And as always,


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